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New Portable “Synthetic Diamond Identification Kit”

New Portable “Synthetic Diamond Identification Kit”

With great success was held the workshop “Synthetic and Treated Diamonds” to the Swarovski management team in Austria.

The instructors of MSG (Mediterranean School of Gemmology) presented for the first time the innovative Portable ‘Synthetic Diamond Identification Kit’ in collaboration with Gemetrix instrument maker John Chapman and AGIL Hong Kong Director  Dominic Mok.

The kit comprises 4 portable instruments and 2 booklets:

  • PL Inspector (Mini UV lamp with magnifier) to inspect synthetic, treated and natural diamonds using LW and SW fluorescence.
  • 2017 Handbook with images and explanation of LW/SW reactions of Natural, Treated and Synthetic Diamonds of all types
  • Mini Foldable Polariscope with Portable Light to separate natural diamonds using characteristic birefringence patterns from HPHT and CVD diamonds.
  • 2010 Handbook with images and explanation of CPF reactions of Natural and Synthetic Diamonds of all types.
  • Loupe and Tweezers are included in folded pouch with zipper.

The combination of these 4 portable and in-expensive instruments with professional training and with use of 2 booklets could identify all HPHT-grown diamonds and most CVD-grown diamonds on the market, loose or mounted.

Melee and Jewelery Inspectors’ are additional larger UV lamps with magnifier that are designed specifically for ID of very small or mounted diamonds respectively.

The 2018 MGJ conference will be held under the header Diamonds and Gems in 21st Century in May in Montenegro and is an event where jewelers, gemmologists, appraisers, dealers and other conference participants will receive hands-on instruction and gain new knowledge at workshops on the identification of natural and synthetic diamonds.

Synthetic Diamond Identification Kit