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Taking care of your jewellery in summer

Taking care of your jewellery in summer

Summer is already here, the holidays are fast approaching, while some have already started theirs. There are plenty of outdoor activities and many women naturally want to dress to impress in the morning and evening.

An essential accessory for both night-time and morning activities is a piece of jewellery, which, like a work of art, requires your attention and care to retain its shine and beauty, just like any other investment.

Despite the harsh summer conditions, such as the sun, the sea, perspiration, antiseptics and the challenge of travelling with and safeguarding your investment, you can enjoy wearing your jewellery during the summer if you follow the suggestions and useful information we have for you to keep your jewellery in tip-top shape.

Transporting: When transporting your jewellery, avoid placing it in such a way that one piece touches another. Abrasion between the metal parts will dull them and the stones may be damaged due to the differing hardness of each one. For example, if you put your solitaire diamond ring with your pearl earrings, the pearls will be irreparably damaged, as diamonds are much harder than the soft pearls. If you can, it’s a good idea to transport your jewellery in their original packaging. If this is not possible, you can always wrap them in a piece of paper or cloth to prevent the pieces of jewellery from touching each other.

Morning activities: Whether you are headed for the sea or the pool, the risks of damaging your jewellery are numerous. The sand can penetrate under the prongs keeping the diamonds in place on your ring and work as a wedge to loosen the setting, risking the loss of the stone. The salt of the seawater or the sand can “sandblast” your magnificent emerald and make it look dull. The chlorinated pool water can also damage your jewellery.

Even sunblock can make your diamonds loose their sparkle, though diamonds love anything greasy. Meanwhile, your fingers may swell in the heat, but quickly shrink in the cold water, resulting in the possible loss of your ring. Recovering it will seem impossible. In any case, we recommend using some kind of accessory in the morning to avoid harming or even losing your jewellery.

For an evening out: When you’re going out for the evening, wearing your jewellery is a must, provided you follow this advice. Absolutely no not apply cream, lotions or perfume if you have already put on your necklace. The order should be exactly the opposite. First apply your cosmetics or perfume, wait until completely absorbed or evaporated, and then put on your jewellery. The substances in cosmetics and fragrances may harm your jewellery, particularly those with organic stones, such as pearls or corals, or softer stones, such as emeralds.

When returning, it’s a good idea to clean the jewellery with a soft cloth to remove any skin secretions, and place it back in its box.

These suggestions will help you keep your jewellery looking new for a very long time. But in addition, having an expert take a look at it, clean, repair and restore it from time to time is essential.

Even more important is a detailed description of your jewellery that can be used in the event repairs are needed (Jewellery Identification Report) or for insurance purposes (Jewellery Appraisal Report).

IGL provides reliable documentation, certification and valuation of your jewellery, as it is the only laboratory in Greece that is a certified member of four international jewellery appraisal organisations.

Enjoy your summer!

*We warmly thank Lalaounis for providing the photo of the article. Jewelry from the Tulips collection in 18k gold with diamonds and emeralds.