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The Diamond Walk – Seminar

The Diamond Walk - Seminar

Friday February 7 –  2020, 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday February 8 –  2020, 17:00 – 19:00

Eleni Marneri Galerie is hosting a new series of seminars entitled “The Diamond Walk” in collaboration with IGL (Independent Gemological Laboratory) and curated by its founder, gemologist, diamond expert and Jewellery Valuer Mr. George Spyromilios CDG.

 The Diamond Walk Diamond, the highest gemstone of all that represents love, devotion, stability and radiant beauty will be the focus of interest in this cycle of seminars, which aims to introduce us to the charming world of this mystery stone combining both theoretical and practical knowledge and experience.The first seminar is divided into two sections. In the first section, participants will watch a general introduction to the world of diamonds (history, 4Cs, treatments, Laboratory Grown Diamonds) by the IGL team. In the second section, participants who have attended the theoretical tour of the world of diamonds will go from theory to practice. In this section they will practice using gemological instruments and under the guidance of experts they will observe  through a microscope different types of diamonds, sinking even deeper into the magical world.