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George Spyromilios new book has just been released.

George Spyromilios new book has just been released.

The book ” Introduction to the world of Diamonds”  was written by Mr. Spyromilios in the gaps between workshops, seminars, trips and conferences, devoting valuable time.

Inspired and guided by his work, the countless hours in the IGL lab, laboratories he visited around the world and the countless diamonds he has examined.

Most of all, though, it stemmed from his great love for his profession.

The diamond market requires thought, knowledge and a lot of imagination.

The book is technical but easy to understand and is aimed at professionals and individuals who love Diamonds. It is used to cover the theoretical part of the IGL Diamond Grading Workshop.

Εισαγωγή στον κόσμο των διαμαντιών

Κυρίως, όμως, προέκυψε από τη μεγάλη του αγάπη για το επάγγελμά του. Η αγορά των διαμαντιών απαιτεί σκέψη, γνώση και πολύ φαντασία.

You can find it here.

Note: Available only in Greek